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Coming Up For Air

Hi All,

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me the past 9 years as I've taken my jewelry business through a mess of creative whirlwinds. I launched Jennifer Elizabeth in 2008 and admittedly had no idea what I was doing besides creating pieces of work that I loved. I would spend hours upon hours working on a single piece. It started as a hobby and turned into a passionate career. I quit my first job as a fashion designer and my mother helped me launch a very expensive passion which I honesty made a bit of a mess with it. I'm really the only one to blame because at 24 I thought I knew everything (obviously). But there was always the passion. I opened a store in Rhode Island which was an incredible opportunity, but again, I was quite clueless with what it was that I needed to really force this business to grow. Yes, I have passion, I have drive, I know that I am talented with what I can create in a non-egotistical way, but something was always missing. I knew that this was what I should be doing because I am good at it and I do love it, but it always felt like I was playing a role. The jewelry designer. The creative. Understanding what that is, I'm still finding out. But I am finding out. 

While creating Jennifer Elizabeth, I've worked for many more jewelry companies that have taught me a lot. I'm really proud of where I am working now. It feels really good to be in a mutually respected community with talented individuals and I'm able to do what I love every single day. But with that I've realized I've taken time away from dedicating myself to grow Jennifer Elizabeth. And unfortunately, I've endured a family situation that needs more of my dedication. I will keep my website up as I am still going to be selling my jewelry that I love that I have made in the past and lots of my vintage pieces. However, all the money made from here will be going towards trying to save my dog. See, I'm going to be 33 in February and for the past 10 years I've had the most loving dog by my side, Edie. She has taught me patience, respect, happiness, and love. I wasn't always the happiest of people in my younger years and she really did save me. Another amazing thing my mother did for me was give me Edie in February of 2007. I was at an absolute stand still in my life. I was very unhappy and I didn't know why and my mother wanted to fix it. I had always wanted a dog and the moment I saw Edie I just felt love. I never wanted a small dog, I always pictured myself with a pitbull. But I just knew when I held her that we were meant for each other. Over the next few months, I changed. I knew I had to care for this life and not just my own. She taught me responsibility. She taught me to have patience with the world. She taught me to respect others. And she made me see that I can love. I've always loved being in love, but I really think before knowing true love, everything before that was more like lust (sorry ex-boyfriends, pre 2007). I fell in love with someone after that, hard, and it was the greatest feeling in my life. I can never thank Edie enough for saving me. I've said that to people in the past and I don't think they really know what I meant. But she really saved my life. I'm unsure if I would be alive today if it was not for her. And now she is sick. She is dying. And I can't save her. But I can do my best to give her the best end of her life that I can. And I promise her I will because I owe her that. I hope I have a lot more time with her but I have to trust life's path. Any good vibes you have, please send them our way.

Any jewelry that is currently on the site will be sold in the colors that it's already made in at a reduced price. I have dozens and dozens of pieces already made and hope to share them with you.  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me and pushed me to keep going. I am not giving up. Just taking a small hiatus to get life in place a bit before I correct the whirlwind. One day, I believe I will get Jennifer Elizabeth "right" and when that day comes I promise you my dedication to making beautiful pieces that you will love. 



Jennifer Elizabeth

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