You’ve Got Elephants- Elephants Of Asia

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A Little Shimmer Always Makes You Smile

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April Fool’s Eco-Chic

Stella McCartney denim top
165 EUR -

Stella McCartney short
34,860 JPY -

Stella McCartney silk bra
$140 -

Antik Batik leather shoes
155 GBP -

Stella McCartney studded handbag
1,245 GBP -

JENNIFER ELIZABETH bohemian jewelry
$145 -

$75 -

Waterproof Mascara in Raven
$16 -

Love, Chloé (EDP, 30ml)
40 GBP -

Jennifer Elizabeth The Ella Cuff
$130 -

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Color Inspiration

This week I received my April 2011 Elle Decor Magazine in the mail. My fiance and I hope to buy a house next summer, so I am all about the decorating! In the issue I fell in love with the colors from Hurvin Anderson’s collection. The moody blues and fern greens with pops of cranberry red are just genius. As Vicky Lowry explains his process, “For each new piece, he usually starts with a photograph, which serves as a trigger for his memory, his imagination, and the ideas he wants to explore on canvas- including his sense of place in the world as a black man living in England and as an Englishman visiting the Islands.” He frequently paints pieces inspired by the Caribbean by playing with his photography, then making collages and then adding layers. Then it heads in the direction of a small acrylic drawing and then expands into a painting. I fell in love with his Untitled pieces from 2010 and Some People (Welcome Series) 2004. I think it’s a great color palette to work with for some rooms in our new house.

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just want everyone to know that the Applesauce Update blog layout is under construction…. so don’t worry, this isn’t our look :)


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Loving 2011

2011 has been a great year so far for Jennifer Elizabeth and there is so much more to come. We have to give thanks to our amazing publicist Liz Anthony, founder of Mariposa Communications. She has given guidance and believed in JE from the start, so thanks Liz!!! Here are some of our favorite press pieces so far this year:

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Sunday’s Most Stylish Woman: Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman is seriously one of my favorite females out there doing big things in the world. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, she made her debut in the band Hercules & Love Affair (DFA), is a world-renowned, globetrotting DJ, and currently now producing her own music with H&A’s Andy Butler. She also made jewelry awhile back, which was featured at Opening Ceremony!

I normally am not very gushy or starry eyed over very many contemporary celebrities or people, but I’m gonna go ahead and dork out over Ms. Foxman. I suppose it’s because I admire her style (obvz) and her tremendous musical talent/taste, but I was also lucky enough to DJ an opening set for her sometime last year and meet her…and she was such a nice, nice person. She was also born and raised in Hawaii, which is where I was born too!

Here’s the video to her latest single, “Creature,” that she wrote and produced with the aforementioned Andy Butler. It’s an awesome song, and you can check out some of her style. I especially like the voguers in the vid!

KIM ANN FOXMAN “CREATURE” [mr.intl records] from KIM ANN FOXMAN on Vimeo.

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Soul Clap | Fleetwood Mac | Chained Crystal Necklace

As I have previously blogged about, I truly adore Stevie Nicks—for her talent, her style, and her spirit. So it’s no surprise when I say that I’m also a huge Fleetwood Mac fan! Their music has always captivated me from an early age; when I was introduced to them as a child until now. There is a timeless, ethereal transcendence in their music that always moves me.  The musical arrangement and textures of the instruments, combined with the soulful lyrics and vocals of Nicks’ voice really is otherworldly.

Dreams Edit by Soul Clap

Now it’s 2011 and Fleetwood Mac is STILL relevant—the Boston-based DJ/Producers, Soul Clap, have re-edited on of their more popular songs, “Dreams,” into a contemporary sonic wonderland.  It goes without saying that I really love this edit, not only because it’s a Fleetwood Mac song, but because I just generally love anything that Soul Clap is producing these days.

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Jennifer’s Birthday Wish List!

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Martha’s Bridal Guide

Jennifer Elizabeth Baby Elephant Necklace featured in Marta Stewart’s Bridal Guide

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